Christa.pngI’m an immigrant who is passionate about environmental advocacy and strives to impassion others to feel the same in all aspects of her life. As someone whose home country, Sri Lanka, is at great risk due to climate change, it’s impossible to stand by and watch as our elected representatives and global leaders continue to compromise the health of our planet year after year. I’m currently completing my final year at UofT, double majoring in Chemistry and Environmental Science.

I’ve been involved in environmental advocacy work both in my educational and professional life, from the Divest Fossil Fuels campaign at UofT to working in Ottawa at Environment Canada on the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Attending sit-ins and marches and working with other people of various identities (specifically Indigenous, racialized and queer folks) has demonstrated to me how the richness in our collective experiences and knowledge can lead to more inclusive progress and I count those among the most motivational and inspiring experiences of my life. I hope to count COP22 among those and use my voice to join the chorus calling for climate justice.

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