jennifer.pngJennifer is new to the climate justice movement, but has been working behind the scenes for well respected ENGO’s for several years connecting people to the natural world through community outreach and digital media. Jennifer was first introduced to climate justice in high school, where she was appalled to learn that our political leaders were giving the green light to fossil fuel moguls to explore the Arctic for oil and gas, a place with unique ecosystems and Indigenous peoples of the arctic that depend on the land for their livelihood, and even more appalled to learn this narrative exists in other parts of the world.

Being from a traditional South Asian heritage, Jennifer always saw herself as an academic over an activist, but soon after graduating from the University of British Columbia she worked on a number of “glocal” grassroots campaigns that focused on connecting diverse voices, particularly voices of colour, to the climate change movement. With a proven track record to mobilize people to action, Jennifer is both excited and honoured to bring her expertise in cross-cultural climate change communication to Marrakesh for COP22 and continue to be an advocate for a just, safe and livable future for all.

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