Lou.pngLou is an artist and change maker, passionate about organizing from an intersectional feminist lens with youth and community. Lou centers care and equity in her work and is bent on creating spaces where we can connect across difference, value each voice and unearth a deeper understanding of one another. She works with youth cultivating communities where young folks are valued, have meaningful roles as leaders and change makers, and engage in social justice learning.

She is a Graphic Facilitator with Brave Space where she hosts and illustrates conversations and processes that support social transformation. Lou brings experience in youth engagement, facilitation, human rights work, equity and inclusion, community activism, and social justice. She can often be found dancing her heart out, reading, eating, singing, and caring for her plants. As a creature of creation, Lou loves any form of art and is an aspirational poet. Beginning in rural Ontario with French-Canadian heritage, Lou has grown roots across this world, and is now deeply grateful to be a guest and accomplice in Kjipuktuk (Halifax).

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