Maya.pngBased in Toronto on traditional land shared by many nations including the Wendat, Petun, Tobacco, Seneca, Haudenoshaunee Confederacy and Mississaugas of New Credit.

Maya Menezes is a professional non-profit campaigner, fundraiser and organizer that has been working in the field for almost 7 years. She studied race gender and class oppression with a double major in environmental studies at the University of Toronto.

She has worked on Divestment, environmental justice organizing, freelance reporting on Indigenous solidarity issues and manages a number of community groups in Toronto dedicated to justice base advocacy and organizing. Maya believes that a climate movement that does not center the voices of Indigenous Black and POC communities is one that is doomed to fail, and strives in all aspects of her work, study and advocacy to fight for the voices that have always been there, but are not always heard.

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